Thursday, December 22, 2011

it's a good thing i'm so consistent.

well, again, it's a good thing i've been so consistent lately! oops! i've been in sort of a funk, and i think it's because i've been having a hard time really putting my heart into one good thing. SO, i've decided to finally do something i've been meaning to do for ages. open up an etsy account. i have too many card ideas not to put them out into the world. so i'm going for it. & right now while i'm in colorado i'm putting together a lot of ideas. one of them being a set of critter cards. you'll see what i mean soon enough. in the mean time, i'm not sure if i want to stick with OK kid being my brand name, or if i want to go for something new. branding seems like a whole lot of pressure. don't you think?

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